A String of Pearls

Jerry Gray, Eddie De Lange

Baby, here’s a five and dime,
Baby, now’s about the time
For a string of pearls a la Woolworth.

Ev’ry pearl’s a star above,
Wrapped in dreams, and filled with love
That old string of pearls a la Woolworth.

Til that happy day in Spring
When you buy the wedding ring,
Please, a string of pearls a la Woolworth.

Baby you made quite a start,
Found the way right to my heart
With a string of pearls a la Woolworth.

Wait til the stars peek a boo,
I’ve got something just for you
It’s a string of pearls a la Woolworth.

I found a love so sublime,
Right in that old five and dime
With a string of pearls a la Woolworth.

Recorded by Glenn Miller, 1942

Opus One

Sy Oliver and Sid Garris

I’m wrackin’ my brain to think of a name
To give to this tune so Perry can croon;
And maybe ol’ Bing will give it a fling,
And that’ll start everyone hummin’ the thing.

The melody’s dumb — repeat and repeat —
But if you can swing, it’s got a good beat,
And that’s the main thing, to make with the feet,
’Cause ev’ryone’s swingin’ today.


So I call it Opus One —
It’s not for Sammy Kaye, hey, hey, hey.
Opus One… it’s got to swing not sway, maybe.

If Mister Les Brown could make it renowned,
And Ray Anthony could swing it for me,
There’s never a doubt you’ll knock yourself out
Whenever you can hear Opus One.

Recorded by The Mills Brothers, 1944
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